House Rules

OR You Do What I Say


  1. I AM GOD!!!!!!!!!!! What I say goes.
  2. To be a god i still need followers (you!, hopefully), and i need to keep my followers happy. I will make all rulings during play, if you have a problem with the decision i make don’t interrupt the game to argue, please wait till after the game, then we can talk about any problems or concerns or anything else that might be bothering you. Don’t want to slow down of interrupt the game if we don’t have to.
  3. If you want to do something not discussed in and rules or listed on any part of your character sheet just ask, i’ll probably let you do it. (within reason, no magically kill all the monsters button)
  4. I have found that it’s pretty fun to run a no advancement game (i.e. no leveling up). Instead you would start at level 10 and choose a paragon path that you want to take, instead of leveling up to get to it you would get it through the story. After you complete that quest you could then level up to 11 to take that paragon path. Or we can do it however you guys prefer.
  5. Each game the group gets 2 immediate interrupts, story wise, so, if something is happening in the story that you want to change, so through a “flashback”, you can use one of those to do that.

I am very open to any suggestions that you think could make the game more fun.


magnusv0s magnusv0s

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